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Our development workflow enable us to quickly deliver amazing products. Web site, android apps, iphone apps, using the same design !

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Our development workflow enable us to quickly deliver amazing products. Web site, android apps, iphone apps, using the same design !

What do we do ?

E-commerce App

Custom made or API rest based, we deliver high performance e-commerce mobiles applications and help our clients become market leaders.

Web App Agency

We are a mobile development and web app design agency that believes in creating engaging experiences. The work we produce helps our clients interact with their customers in new and exciting ways.

Mobile and Tablet Apps

We take pride in building the most awesome apps that users love to use. We also provide Hybrid app to cut the cost, and are easier to maintain.

Custom development

As the technology advances and the programming landscape changes to accommodate the world’s growing technological needs, Purple voice team constantly evaluates the latest trends in the development community. We improve ourselves to provide our clients the best possible development solutions.

Full stack javascript development

We are using tomorrow’s technologies for you today ! Using standard Javascript framework (angularjs, meteor,nodejs) We are able to cover any needs using the same technology tool set than
the biggest players in the word.

Training and consulting

Backed by more than 16 years of working experience in global companies, we can help you to :

  • Enhance your development workflow
  • Increase your production service level
  • Reduce your infrastructure costs
  • Enhance your infrastructure security

Our creed is creativity, knowledge, communication

Saying what you are doing and doing what you are saying


Our team have embraced the most recent technologies, giving our customers real advantages compare to other competitor.

All our projects are using modern Javascript frameworks to deliver responsive web site, and hybrid apps. We are following a test driven development model that guarantee your core business functionality are never broken.

Manual tasks like resizing and optimizing images size, or end to end tests are automated following the best known practices.

Advanced capabilities that was only possible for big players, like cloud synchronization, A/B testing, or even above the fold optimization are part of our delivery.

  • Cutting hedge Javascript frameworks used with the more advanced languages, enable rich responsive client interface, with amazing testing capabilities.

    Cherry on the cake, those technologies enable hybrid applications, develop once deploy on every devices

  • Powerful tasks runner, plugins based, that enable production release automation
    Pre processors, that unleash the full power of CSS5, HTML and javascript


    Open standard file format and API that do not lock customer in a closed environment.
    Open format are used to their best and deliver unique retina quality on any device.

  • Standard third party solution with a proven track of efficiency and scalability

    Atlassian solution are specialized in Project management, support and ticket tracking, they are at the core of our agile development.

  • html5

    Online Cloud technology or off line capability, are requirement that are already integrated in our project
    As such as the A/B testing methodology, no more endless discussion about design …


    Above the fold optimization and prooved results using pageSpeed insights, guarantee a mobile ready web site that will be accessible quickly even under poor network conditions