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Responsive design and hybrid apps

Service List

  1. provides a service as a software to bars and restaurants owners to manage their tables assignment, waiting list, booking online or offline, on any device ( tablet/smart phone/desktop).
  2. The major advantage of this solution is the deep integration inside the business. Instead of being an “enhanced email box”, as proposed by most of the booking websites, Jongto is a full back office solution that manages the table status in real time. At each step of the dining experience.
  3. The solution can work offline, and need access to internet only to synchronize the table status to Jongto website. If the internet connection is down, the business is not interrupted, which is a particularly important condition to cover each location of the ASEAN market.
  4. Due to the daily business integration, even if a business is already using other online services, Jongto (Saas) is still relevant and can accommodate other online channel easily.

The solution has been developed from scratch with global scalability in mind.

  • Translation file are using “gettext” technology, enabling easy third party translation
  • Application servers are hosted on Amazon AWS cloud, enabling scalability and cost reduction. (Ec2 amazon for html page and Amazon s3 for static assets)
  • Automated scripts have been developed to crawl public databases to retrieve basic information about restaurants to cover new location quickly
  • The Offline capability of the back end enable easier market coverage even in remote location with poor internet connection
  • HTTP varnish Cache enable millions of users without an exponential cost.
  • Oauth authentication technology (Google/Facebook/linkedin/Microsoft)
  • WebApp back-end enable hybrid app compatible with any devices

The solution has been developed from scratch with global scalability in mind.

  • Varnish http cache enable pages generation in less than 43ms
  • Optimized bitmaps images are used for the restaurant pictures. ( 4 different resolutions )
  • Design assets are vector based, enabling the best rendering on any devices.
  • Automatic cache warm up in the background enable a very high cache hit rate (close to 100%)
  • Static asset file name are hashed, enabling efficient client cache invalidation
  • Above the fold technique enable page delivery on mobile as quick as possible.
  • Clients files (html, js, css) are automatically minimized as part of the release work flow.
  • A/B testing is Integrated in the release work flow, and used for each release enabling a 99.999% of availability.
  • Automated end to end tests are part of the release process.
  • AngularJs framework enable rich client graphic user interface
  • Fully automatic release cycle, providing a really quick time to market release. (Less than one day)
  • And of course it is a responsive design

All restaurants in Bangkok

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Business owner page

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Online booking

Online booking 24h/24h

No need to spend time on the phone

Online booking

More visibility

Which mean more customers

Online booking

Sales increased

More customers mean more sales as well.

Online booking

Mobile booking

Mobile first to let the dinners book in the BTS

Online booking

Ipad and tablet pos

The restaurant manager application works on any devices

Online booking

Customer driven service

With the central customer file, Each customer feel like a VIP

Online booking

Monitor operation

Monitor operation from anywhere

Online booking

Follow performance

Validate your performance expectation and plan your inventory accordingly

Online booking


Manage customer feedback, by table, by staff