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Purple voice is the only official Meteor partner in Thailand.

Meteor is a Full-stack JavaScript framework, 100% open source, that radically simplifies the process of building reactive web and mobile app.

  • Meteor Intro Rev-1.0

    This example video walks through the Intro to Meteor slide deck, available at It will be periodically updated as Meteor evolves, so be sure to check for new versions.

Purple voice Ltd, Certified Meteor Partner in Thailand


For small and medium business

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  • Data on the Wire
  • One Language: JavaScript
  • Database Everywhere.
  • Latency Compensation
  • Full Stack Reactivity
  • Embrace the Ecosystem
  • Simplicity Equals Productivity

Main product features

Data on the Wire

Meteor doesn’t send HTML over the network. The server sends data and lets the client render it.

One Language.

Meteor lets you write both the client and the server parts of your application in JavaScript.

Database Everywhere.

You can use the same methods to access your database from the client or the server.

Latency Compensation

On the client, Meteor prefetches data and simulates models to make it look like server method calls return instantly.

Full Stack Reactivity

In Meteor, realtime is the default. All layers, from database to template, update themselves automatically when necessary.

Embrace the Ecosystem

Meteor is open source and integrates with existing open source tools and frameworks.

Hot code push

Hot code push lets you update all of your connected clients, browsers and mobile apps when the server is updated, without going through any app reviews. It’s the dream of every mobile developer who has waited 14 days to update their iOS app through Apple’s app store.

Simplicity Equals Productivity

The best way to make something seem simple is to have it actually be simple. Meteor’s main functionality has clean, classically beautiful APIs

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