Customer project - Hybrid meteor mobile Application

Liste de fonctions

  1. Compatible multi devices : iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, androids ( more than 9000 devices )
  2. Multi-language : Thai and English
  3. Hot push functionality that enables release in real time
  4. Native plugins to enable facebook and paypal native experience.
  5. API driven that enables search in real time
  6. Multi-gateway payment
  7. Automated testing to avoid release regression

La solution a été développée à partir de zéro en gardant l’évolutivité vers une activitée globale à l’esprit.

  • Les fichiers de traduction utilisent la technologie « gettext », ouvrant l’accés aux traducteurs profesionnel
  • Les capture d'écran localisée sont automatisées
  • Le code de l'application est en Javascript et HTML ce qui facilite le déploiement sur Android et IOS
  • C’est une application hybride
  • The code and css are common fro both Android and IOS Code once, deploy everywhere
  • Et bien sûr, c’est un design adaptif ce qui s’adapte à tout périphériques

The success story

As f team was already having native apps for Android and iOS, we had to develop from scratch a mobile application in line with their expectations.
The application had to be at least at the same level of responsiveness as the existing native applications .

  • After only 2 weeks, the first beta was covering 90% of the customer scope.
  • After one and a half month of development time, the final version was available in the customer app store.
  • More than 50 bugs from the original native applications have been fixed during the release time…

(At the moment, the application is in Beta mode and only accessible by the F team)