Purple voice, the success story

  • Officially part of Meteor partner for Asia

    This end of year could not finished in a better way, as we have been selected to be Meteor official partner in Asia pacific.

    Meteor is an incredible full stack javascript framework that enable development of web app and mobile app extremely fast.

  • Startups and eCommerce with Cdiscount and ‘La French Tech’

    ‘La French Tech’ is an organization launched by the French government to promote the French IT and startup industry in France and abroad.

    In Thailand ‘La French Tech’ members work for companies like
    Big C, Cdiscount, Accor, WearYouWant, Wishbeer, Lazada, Google, Bred, M’Link…

  • Purple voice Ltd is officially started

    Purple voice Ltd is officially started in Bangkok Thailand !

  • Move to Bangkok
  • Sometimes it’s the journey that teaches you a lot about your destination.

  • Vice president - Royal Bank of scotland - Finance industry - Hong Kong - Singapore
    • Represent the APAC region in the global production support arena to ensure regional concerns are understood and prioritized
    • Facing off to stakeholders to collect business requirements and lead a team of support analysts to deliver bug-fixes, feeds and reports
  • Bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers

    The filing remains the largest bankruptcy filing in U.S. history, with Lehman holding over $600 billions in assets.

  • Vice president - Natixis - Finance industry - Hong-Kong

    Market access project manager, 3 years project to replace the existing trading system by a in house trading solution.

    Front office Trading tools and APAC Exchange connectivity production Support for :

    • Osaka stock exchange, tokyo stock exchange
    • Hong kong stock exchange
    • Korean stock exchange
    • Stock exchange ef Thailand
  • Contractor - Natixis - Finance industry - France

    Integration and production support of the trading electronic market platform, with direct link to the mains European electronic markets.

    London Stock Exchange

  • Managing director Web stats Ltd - Web industry - France
    • Founder and managing director of web-stats.org, leading the beginning of web analytics in France
    • 1 year before the free google analytics release …
  • Contractor for European space agency and Nasa - Space Industry - France
    • Daily production satellite image support
    • Infrastructure Management based on ITIL processus (Change management, Service level agreement )
    • Soho - Medoc web site support
  • Contractor with Axa investment manager - Finance industry - France/UK

    Integration Team leader for the web site https://www.capeasi.com

    300 000 web users per months

  • Professional Contractor - Orange mobile - France

    Cover the technical testing of mobile servers and communicate results to the developer and production Team

  • Freedom Fun project at school - France
    Scene demo for the Atari computer, teenager project…

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