PropTech and blockchain services in Asia?

Internal project - Hybrid Application

Features List

  1. QR reader share the same source code regardless of the platform
  2. The scanner is able to read “inverted” QR code but also bar code
  3. The solution can work offline, and do not require internet access
  4. The app is translated in more than 20 languages

The solution has been developed from scratch with global scalability in mind.

  • Translation file are using “gettext” technology, enabling easy third party translation
  • Localized Screen shot are automated
  • The app code is in Javascript and HTML enabling an easy deployment on Android and IOS
  • This is an Hybrid application
  • The code and css are common to the Purple voice web site Code once, deploy everywhere
  • And of course it is a responsive design which means that the design is working well on any device

Available for iPhone®, iPad®
Qr reader in Apple store

Now on Android also
Qr reader for android

Hybrid app

purple responsive web design